29 October 2019

Rabi ul Awwal 1441 Wallpaper ; Fear

Shehre Rabi ul Awwal 1441h Mubarak Mohanna

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Milad Backdrops details will be Launched soon

26 July 2019

Hijri Calendar 1441h ; KUN theme

Subsequent to Burhanuddin Moula's historic KUN Safar in 1430H, we at SMB Designs, launched our first calendar, aptly themed on the exquisite features of Masjid e Aazam bil Kufa in 1431H.

A decade later, history repeated itself as Mufaddal Moula (TUS) performed KUN Ziyarat in a manner so surreal, that non could have imagined.

In joint celebration of these memorable asfaar , as well as our own 10 year journey, we hope to revisit our original theme of Masjid e Kufa, while adding a few new touches to our Calendar of 1441H 
As each month of this new year passes, we hope the humble impressions of our calendar, help you reminisce fond memories of KUN, both old and recent.

Perfect gift  in the coming year with your Personal / Brand name on all pages. Contact us for more details. 
Minimum quantity per order 50 pcs.

10 June 2019

Wallpaper for Shawwal 1440 - Masaar ; Yemen

Wide Screen

Mobile Screen

Ashara Mubaraka 1441H. Ohbat Tazyeen details 
will be posted soon

03 May 2019

Wallpaper for Shehrullah 1440 - Shibaam ; Yemen

For Mobiles

For PC, Laptops, Tablets etc.

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Ashara Mubaraka Ohbat Majlis Tazyeen

Our upcoming premium products for  Ashara Mubaraka Ohbat Majlis Tazyeen. For Details contact your nearest SMB Designs Distribution partners ...